Brianna’s Boudoir Session

Photography and images are courtesy of McKenzie Berquim of KNZ Photography.

McKenzie wants to help women embrace their bodies just as they are in this season of life and leave feeling more empowered than they ever have because of it. She knows one of the most difficult things for most people in this world is stripping down in front of people and showcasing some of their biggest insecurities, but she tries everything she can to welcome each and every person with open arms and let them know she’s there to laugh through it all with them and make them feel like they’re hanging out at home with a friend. She thinks human bodies are the best art form because every single one of them is different from the other. Every single piece of art that she creates with someone will be different and unique to who they are and what their bodies are made of and I think that’s what makes this form photography extra special.

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