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About Me – Meet the Owner – Ashley

Ashley Seanger 
Minnesota Makeup Artist
Owner and Lead Artist at The Glamour Ranch

Hey friends – my name is Ashley and I am the Owner, Lead Artist, and Creative Director of The Glamour Ranch. I started my beauty journey at a small Clinique counter in central Minnesota in 2012, immediately I fell deeply in love with the power of skincare and makeup, and how educating my customers gave me a sense of purpose. After spending time with Clinique and taking courses from top brand educators, I was recruited to work for Estée Lauder, and it was there that I learned about colors and the more glamorous side of artistry. Practicing editorial looks using bold hues, and intense glitter, I began to feel truly comfortable with my craft and was soon recruited again, this time to work as a Prestige Makeup Artist for Ulta Beauty! I will be honest, before working for Clinique and Esteé Lauder my experience with makeup was novice level at best, and my skincare routine was non-existent. Through working with beauty brands, I was able to learn about all of these fantastic products that I’d never heard of, and I was given the opportunity to educate others.

Within Ulta, I was finally exposed to brands I had never before encountered and was given the opportunity to work with many new clients and learn about products directly from leading beauty brands! Being given the freedom to sell which products I loved most and not be confined by sales goals of a specific brand, I found my favorite products to use on each client, and focused on perfecting my artistry through educating others! I’m a firm believer in the power of ‘See one, do one, teach one.’ I think it is so easy to get caught up in doing things a certain way, and losing the craft or the artistry behind your passion. By focusing on teaching others, I was sharing my knowledge so that they could recreate the looks at home, but also, I was forcing myself to try new techniques and critique myself to become a better artist – the volume of clients I was able to work with inside of Ulta also helped to teach me how to work with clients of all backgrounds, skin colors, and tastes in makeup.

Through this new found love of brands and complete freedom to select what I genuinely loved to recommend to my clients, I began curating my professional kit and offering makeup artistry services for proms and senior photos. Now, fast forward to having over nine years of experience in the beauty biz, and I am using my knowledge and expertise to offer client transformations in the comfort of your living room, hotel, or bridal suite. Whether glamming a full bridal party, teaching a young girl the proper techniques to apply makeup, or offering on-set beauty transformations for professional photography – the most important thing for me is how the client feels through the process, and then once they get to look in the mirror. I always want to ensure my clients feel and look like a gently more glamorous version of themselves.

I truly pride myself on the ability to bring joy to my client’s eyes when transforming them, but I never hide their natural beauty or features beneath layers of product. Sure, each client has just received a full makeup transformation, but I take special care to ensure that each client recognizes the image in the mirror when I’m finished. Brides consistently mention that previous experiences with other artists have left them feeling pretty, but they feel like they don’t look like themselves. Not with me! All of my clients can confirm that I pride myself on ensuring that never happens!

I also offer a variety of services for my clients – from traditional makeup applications to airbrush artistry, beauty classes, and skincare consults with Beautycounter, I pride myself on a having wealth of knowledge. I want to make sure I have something in my kit that fits each and every client situation, some clients hate to cover their freckles – airbrush offers a soft blurring effect, but can still showcase those angel kisses! Other clients want full glamour and to be elbows deep in glitter – my professionally selected goodies can accommodate that too! And for my sensitive gals, I have skincare and cosmetic products carefully chosen just for you too!

What else do I have to say about doing what I love? Truly, I am so beyond blessed to be given the opportunity to work with each of my clients! Whether teaching someone the proper way to apply eye cream, being invited to spend the special moments with a bride before walking down the aisle, or giving a client the additional boost of confidence she needs before doing a boudoir shoot, each of my client interactions are so special to me. I thank God every day that I am able to do what I love, and share my gift with all of you! I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

What Clients are Saying

“Ashley did such an amazing job when I was a bridesmaid in a wedding recently. She is so talented and so sweet. She always made sure to take to each person about what they like and if they like heavier makeup or something lighter and is able to accentuate each individuals natural beauty in a way that’s truly artistic.”

Lexi B

“Love, love, loved my makeup by Ashley!!! She was so personable and caring! She paid attention to the smallest detail and helped a girl out with stress breakouts!! She is the best and I highly recommend her! I even got a ‘Happy Wedding Day’ text from her that morning!Thank you so much Ashley, you made me feel so gorgeous!! “

Maddie F

“If you are searching for the perfect makeup for your special day, Ashley is your girl! She is the most kind soul and has a special talent! Not only does she ask questions during your session to make sure your look is everything you hoped for, she also has a different technique opportunity to please everyone!”

Lindsay S

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