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Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Amy of Amy Gregg Photography – based out of Minnesota. This sweet gal was kind enough to connect with me during this COVID craziness, and in following her journey over the past few months, learning about her business, and reading through all of her posts, I just had to share her with you! She is a sweet and kind soul that takes pride in her business and loves her customers like family. Please read below to get to know a bit more about her, and then connect on social media to follow her journey! Looking for a photographer? Feel free to follow the link to her website below and get connected via the contact form on her website! You will love her!

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself, and what made you decide to build your own photography brand?

Amy: I am a storytelling photographer, based out of Minnesota, that doesn’t just capture beautiful photos, but beautiful stories. My mission is to give each client a client experience that is like none other. I decided to start up my photography business after years and years of capturing photos for friends and family, taking many classes and courses, and being consistently encouraged to turn it into my business. I have LOVED it! Meeting so many new and amazing people and getting to come alongside them to capture their beautiful story, makes my heart come alive! I am passionate about loving and serving each client fully!

Q: What things do you feel set your business and brand apart from other photography companies in the area?

Amy: I use the skill sets and training that I have in personal branding photography when I work with all my clients, so I can tailor each session to their unique story. From the very first meeting, I’m all about building a good relationship with each of my clients. I LOVE getting to know them and their story and finding ways to capture that story within each photograph.

Q: If you could educate the consumer on three questions they should be asking photographers when booking for special events, what would you suggest?

Amy: 1. Ask to see a full gallery of one of their previous sessions. The consistency of edits, the quality of photos, the amount of images you can expect from them on average, etc….This is SUCH a great way to get a feel for their style and what they can offer you. If it’s for your wedding, you’ll not only have proof that they can shoot a real wedding (not just styled-shoots) as a lead photographer (not just a second-shooter), but you’ll be able to see what a wedding day experience will be like with them.

2. Are they licensed and insured? Do they have smart business practices in place that will insure they are still around when your big day arrives? This is very important for wedding photography. A lot of wedding venues won’t let a photographer that isn’t insured, take photos at their venue. Without insurance, if your photographer accidentally breaks something at the venue, now you’re responsible for the cost. Make sure your photographer has good insurance in place. You do not need that extra surprise bill in the mail, when you get back from your honeymoon.

3. What’s their back-up measures? Do they have multiple ways they back up your photographs? Do they have backup gear in case something breaks at your session? Do they have backup photographers they can reach out to if something happens to them? Make sure they have back-up measures in place, to protect you and make sure you receive your photographs.

Q: If a potential client asked you the 3 questions above, how would you respond to them?

Amy: I am a licensed and insured professional photographer that pours my heart and soul into serving my clients. I give my clients as much education and information up front, so they know what to expect when they hire me. If they are looking to hire me for their wedding, I always set up an in person or at least video consultation to make sure we are the right fit for each other. During the consultation, I will walk them through what a wedding day experience is like with me, as I show them one of my full wedding galleries. I talk them through all my backup measures, the workflow, timeline, etc… so they can be reassured that their wedding day will be captured in a way that tells their story best and that they will receive their wedding photography experience and beautiful images that they invested in, by choosing me.

Q: What would you say is the most crucial piece of advice you would give all clients planning a wedding?

Amy: Don’t forget to date each other, during the season of wedding planning. You only get this season for a short time. Take time to still do the things that the two of you enjoy, to talk about the stuff that makes you both come alive, and to continue to get to know one another, without talking about the wedding planning. Your wedding day is just one day, so make sure you invest in the relationship that will remain after the wedding day.

Q: What types of photography do you offer outside of weddings? How far in advance do you book these types of events?

Amy: I offer recurring Personal Branding Photography sessions for entrepreneurs in the wedding industry. I book yearly, quarterly, or other customized sessions based on the needs of my clients. The first session I like to book at least a few months out, so we can make sure we have enough time for the planning session and everything that they want to line up for the actual session. I also offer storytelling sessions for all my couples, families, seniors, etc… These sessions I book out up to a year ahead of time, especially for prime dates, but require at least 2 weeks before their date to book, so we have time to plan an amazing session that will tell their story the best!

Q: How would you describe your personal photography style?

Amy: I create bright, clean, and timeless photographs, which stands out from the dark and moody style that is common here Minnesota. There are SO MANY styles of photography and editing, but I wanted to focus on photos that will still be in style 100 years from now, not just trending in this current year.  I wanted photos that weren’t distracting, told the story well, put the focus on making the clients look their best, and could be showcased on the wall for years to come. To create a story through my images that can be told and passed down for generations.

Q: What exciting things should we watch for in the future from you and your company?

Amy: I’m SO excited to be offering drone footage as an add-on to my personal branding photography and possibly my wedding packages this upcoming year! 

Q: What else would you like clients to know about you?

Amy: I am Amy Gregg: a wife to my amazing husband, mom to my sweet children here on earth and in heaven, believer in Jesus Christ, creative/photographer, educator, active outdoors enthusiast, country lover, animal lover, encourager, and an overcomer. I’m a born and raised Minnesotan and say words like: “Uff-Dah” + “Ope”. Most days you’ll find me outside with my family on our farm with our farm animals. I’m known for my passion to live life to the fullest in every area + I put my focus on quality versus quantity. People often refer to me as a bubbly go-getter. The things I am most passionate about in life are my faith, marriage, family, friends, + making a difference in others’ lives.

Q: How can consumers find you?



Instagram: @amygreggphotography

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