What’s in my kit? Frequently Used Cosmetics

It seems like we have recently been spending a considerable amount of time at home recently (I can’t imagine why, can you?). But because of this, I want to give YOU the tools to succeed at doing your own makeup. In light of this, I have also actually come up with a few virtual makeup lesson courses, and I hope to launch a module based program in the near future to assist in helping you become your own beauty pro!

With that being said, I have also compiled a list of amazing products that I recommend you pick up to add to your current beauty routine! They are super high-quality and quite honestly, some of my most frequently reached for goodies!

Let’s begin by chatting about one of my favorite traditional foundations and the only primer I use. For primer, I use the Tarte Timeless Smoothing Balm (link here). It never dries out my clients, but also keeps the oils at bay and it creates a perfect canvas for just about any foundation I have used it with. I love, love, love the Amazonian Clay Foundation from Tarte (link here). This great formulation is a cream with an Amazonian Clay base that is great for dry and oily skin types alike! If you are more dry, partner this foundation with a great moisturizer and hydrating primer. Set with a bit of translucent powder, and this baby is not going anywhere. If you are more oily, paired with an oil control primer and mattifying primer, this foundation will last all day and give a beautiful finish to the skin. The other cool thing about this foundation is that it is versatile in the amount of coverage it can offer. I like to blend the foundation out with a kabuki brush that I’ve spritzed with rose water to give a soft and natural coverage that showcases beautiful freckles – conversely, this foundation can also offer an incredible, full-coverage finish as well. It is also fantastic for sensitive skin as it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals or ingredients that would cause irritation. For my airbrush goodies, I am incredibly loyal to the Temptu S/B Foundation (link here) as it offers flawless (and customizable) coverage, and is virtually waterproof all day long.

For concealers, I like a few different options. Primarily I carry 12 shades of the HD Undereye Concealer from NYX, but I also love the Touchup Skin Concealer Pen from Beautycounter (link here). The NYX one works great for my clients as I can carry so many color options and it is easily accessible for refills, but there is something about the texture of the Beautycounter one that is amazing! Great options for either budget.

Translucent powders are wonderful for baking under the eyes, and dusting as a final step over your liquid and cream foundations, the two that I toggle between are the TooFaced Ethereal Setting Powder (link here) and the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder (link here). Both are super finely milled, and offer zero flash back. They also blur our texture, pores, and fine lines while locking liquids and creams in place. I also like to use a powder foundation from time to time as well. I truly enjoy the silky blend of the TooFaced Born This Way Powder Foundation (link here). I enjoy using this as a personal powder foundation from time to time, but I also really enjoy dusting this over the top of a liquid foundation as a blurring top coat, or even touch-up option after hours of being out in the hot sun on wedding day. So good.

Eye shadow palettes, oh man there are so many I love! Commonly, I find myself reaching for three when it comes to most of my bridal looks. They are as follows (in no particular order): Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette (link here), Urban Decay Naked Heat (link here) and Tarte Tarteist PRO (link here). I have found that most of my clients love a warm-tone neutral look to the eye. These three palettes offer a soft and blended out shadow look that give a soft romantic essence – especially as you are about to walk down the aisle. Not to mention they offer zero product (skip) when you are blending them out. For brows, I use powder from the Eyelure x Vegas Nay collaboration or the brow powders from Anastasia Beverly Hills. If 30 second brows are more your thing, I recommend going for the Beautycounter Brow Gel (link here) – it has baby fibers and is tinted to create a natural and sculpted brow, which also fills in any “sparse” areas.

Blushes, Bronzers, and Highlighters – If you missed my previous post about why you should be incorporating blush and bronzer in your daily routine, definitely go and check it out (link here). As you may know, blush, bronzer, and highlighter create much needed dimension to your makeup look – and so I am always sure to carefully select shades and undertones that will compliment your natural flush as well as your makeup look. I thoroughly enjoy the Park Avenue Princess Palette by Tarte (link here), and Too Faced’s Milk Chocoloate Soleil Bronzer (link here) to add a pop of contour to the face. I enjoy these products as well because they offer a great neutral to cool undertone that blends beautifully into the contours of the face. For an amazing bronzer, I really love the warm and subtle shimmer of the Beautycounter Bronzers (link here) – they never get heavy or orange, but they give you a sunkissed glow that makes anyone believe we haven’t been cooped up all winter. For blush, you would be safe with any shade of the Amazonian Clay Powders from Tarte (link here) or the Satin Powder Blushes from Beautycounter (link here). And finally for highlighter, I love the Sundipped Glow from Anastasia Beverly Hills or the Luminous Powder Highlighter from Beautycounter (link here).

Brushes are such an important portion to your tool kit, this is why I have created an entire course in my Virtual Makeup Lessons catering to this topic! Some great brands for brushes are ITCosmetics, Morphe, Real Techniques, and Sigma. The important thing to remember when selecting brushes is that you want to ensure you are purchasing items that will work for your necessary uses. A combination of eye and face brushes are crucial to creating a perfectly blended makeup look.

For setting sprays, there are two that I use on each and every one of my clients. I love to spritz the Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray (link here) after using setting powder to finish off the look, and then I follow it up with the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray (link here). The reason I layer the two is that the rosewater spray will meld the powders into the skin, and the All Nighter spray will lock the makeup in place for HOURS.

Oh man, you can tell by the image above that I carry A LOT of lip products with me, like a whole heck of a lot. I find myself commonly reaching for liquid lipsticks from GunpowderNGloss (linkhere) and lip glosses from Beautycounter (link here). I also really enjoy the Color Intense traditional lipsticks from Beautycounter (link here). If you like a plumping gloss and don’t mind the feeling of chili powder on the lips, the Lip Injection Extreme from Too Faced is a great option (link here).

Here’s the thing you guys, there are SO MANY products on the market that there is no “right answer” with what you should or should not be using… But with that being said, all of the goodies that I have listed above are tried, true, and have not failed me once! So now that you know all about my favorite products, be sure to sign up for my virtual makeup lessons by emailing me at makeupartistrywithashleymarie@yahoo.com and learn the techniques that will level up your daily makeup usage!

Disclosure: Links from Too Faced and Beautycounter will create a small commission for me if you purchase items with my links. I would love if you could shop with me and support my small business in this way!

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