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– Paula Hoss –

This week I have the honor of introducing you to Paula Hoss of CLN&DRTY! To be completely honest, I don’t recall how I stumbled across this amazing brand and these beautiful people on social media – but boy am I sure glad I did! You know how you get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you come across a company that truly loves their customers the way they love their family? That is the feeling these amazing gals give! Please check them out, their products are fantastic and so high quality, but they’re truly good people!

Below, you will find a brief Question and Answer session with Paula as she talks about her skincare brand and her passion. After reading through everything, please feel free to follow her on social media and fill your vanity with these amazing products! As a special treat, by using code “Ashley20” you will save 20% on all of their full-priced goodies on the website!

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself, and what made you decide to build your own clean beauty brand?
Paula: I’m a mom of 2 girls, a wife and a pet mom to 8 chickens and a 150 lb Great Dane. I founded CLN&DRTY 4 years ago when I couldn’t find natural products that would help with cystic acne that was triggered by hormonal changes from my pregnancies. 

Q: What things do you feel set your business and brand apart from other “clean” beauty brands on the market, and how do you continue to hold yourself to even higher standards and continue to raise the bar in your industry?

Paula: We focus on 3 things: creating products that are completely safe, focusing on formulations that are radically effective and always keeping customer relationships at the center of our business. 

Every single one of our ingredients has been checked against the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database to ensure that they’re safe in the ratios that we have them in our formulations. We work with the nation’s top cosmetics formulators to create recipes that are incredibly effective for targeted skincare concerns. Most importantly, we value our customer relationships above everything else by connecting with our community 1:1 and truly listening to their questions and feedback. 

Q: If you could educate the consumer on three questions they should be asking MLM sellers, and consultants at the beauty supplier to ensure that they are well educated on the products they are selling, which 3 questions would you suggest?

Paula: 1. What ingredients should I be seeking out for my targeted skincare concerns? 2. What order should I use these products in? 3. Which products are absolutely necessary and which ones are optional?

Q: If a consumer asked you the 3 questions above, how would you respond to them?

Paula: It would depend on their skincare concerns. For instance, if we had a customer with hormonal acne, I would tell them to seek out products with tea tree, chemical exfoliators like AHA and salicylic acid. I would tell them to cleanse, tone, treat, moisturize and finally spot treat and I would tell them to focus first on a great cleanser and a skin appropriate moisturizer and then fill in the gaps with new products as they run out.

Q: What are 3 ingredients that consumers should absolutely be searching for on the back of their packages for, and avoiding at all costs?

Paula: Preservatives that release formaldehydes, artificial fragrances and parabens. 

Q: Where do you refer clients that are seeking out information on certain ingredients and safety? Is there any other asset they should be using?

Paula:We absolutely love as a resource for researching ingredients and products. They have a wonderful app that you can use at the store and if you’re looking to research more independent brands like CLN&DRTY, you can use their Skin Deep database to individually research the ingredients that you’ll find on the back panel of cosmetics. 

Q: If you could send someone home with three “Holy Grail” products, what CLN&DRTY items do they need in their regimen?

Paula: Our Freshly Peeled 10% AHA treatment is absolutely amazing and our entire team is obsessed with it. – What I love about it is that it treats such a wide variety of skincare concerns from acne to discoloration to fine lines. Plus, because it’s a higher concentration of alpha-hydroxy acids, it works faster and the customer will see results faster than with other products. 

The New Romantic cleansing stick has quickly become a fan favorite because it’s perfect for travel and our favorite must-have gym bag product. Plus, it smells exactly like Fruit Loops cereal, which is so cool because we only use essential oils as fragrances in it.

If you happen to have acne, our Goodbye Acne roller is our top selling product ever: – It features non-comedogenic Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Lavender and Lemon Oils. It’s by far the best spot treatment I’ve ever used because it doesn’t dry out skin, but rather it reduces inflammation, which is the source of acne. 

Q: What exciting things should we watch for in the future from CLN&DRTY?

Paula: We positioning ourselves to be on the shelves of all your favorite stores in 2021, so keep your eyes open! In order to do that, we’ll be launching a round of crowd funding in late March of this year and an amazing collection of 7 brand new products in April. 

Q: What is one thing that you think each and every consumer needs to know when searching for their skincare and personal care products?

Paula: Be mindful that companies can put all kinds of claims and call-outs on their labels, which is really just marketing. Educate yourself on ingredients and find brands that you can trust.

Q: How can consumers get ahold of you?

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Instagram: @CLNandDRTY  
TikTok: @PaulaHoss

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