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What Does Working with Ashley Look Like?

Photo Courtesy of Jojo Legnitto Photography

Making your day special and run flawlessly smooth are easily two of my top priorities. Whether it be prepping for corporate headshots, getting glammed for a boudoir shoot or senior photos, or hanging out with your gal pals before prom or wedding day – offering top notch customer service and quality results are always at the forefront of my mind. So, what is it like to work with me? What can YOU, the client, expect when hiring me for your special day? Read on below to find out a bit more, and feel free to send me an email with any questions that I may not go over!

Punctuality & A Great Attitude

Girl, it is your day. The last thing you need is to have your artist show up late, haphazard, or grumpy. Truth be told, the morning of your event I am just about as excited as you are! You have planned for months and months for this day, and I always feel so humbled and blessed that you have trusted me with the honor of working with you! I like to show up 15-30 minutes early (dependent on when the venue lets us in to set up) – that way I am organized and all set up to start right when you show up! I also show up with a suitcase full of terrible dad jokes, and a great sense of humor to ensure that you ladies are left smiling the whole morning through! No stress mornings are my specialty.

Photo Courtesy of Jojo Legnitto Photography

Safety, Sanitization and Cleanliness

Keeping things clean, orderly, and well sanitized is the number one goal on my list. I always have extra brushes, brush cleaner, alcohol, and disposable implements on hand to ensure that you feel great about the lack of potential for cross contamination. If you have an artist that is dipping directly into mascara or lipgloss with the standard applicator, you should genuinely question how safe that product it. I can assure you that while working with me, you will NEVER have to worry about that. I hold myself to an extremely high standard when it comes to your safety, so you can take solstice in knowing that I will go above and beyond. In addition to sanitization and cleanliness, your safety with regard to allergens is also super important to me! This is why I request a detailed list of any known allergies so that I can scour my ingredient lists to keep you safe and limit any potential for irritation on the day of your special event.

Custom Blended Foundation and Concealers

I offer traditional and airbrush makeup applications, and the opportunity to custom blend a skin tone for each of my clients. I carry 12 shades of each formulation in my kit, varying from those whom are rather fair complected such as myself, all the way to a deep ebony. Having this versatility for foundation and concealer is important to me to always ensure I have something to offer each and every one of my clients. I color match each client along the neck and jawline to ensure a seamless blend of the coloring between the face and neck to ensure there are never any pesky mismatch situations as well.

Photo is Courtesy of Rockensock Weddings

Start to Finish Services

From skin prep to setting spray, there is not a single step I skip when taking care of my beauty clients. While I request that you always come with freshly cleansed and moisturized skin, I take special care to chat with you about your skin type and then offer customized skincare options for you. I prep the skin with safe and high-quality skincare and primers to ensure that your custom makeup look lasts all day, and well into the evening. Evening out your complexion with concealer and foundation comes next, and locking everything into place with high-performing powders, and finally I give each bridesmaid a custom highlight, contour, and blush experience to give a soft and chiseled look to the face. Then, each client receives a customized eye look and lip color to give a unique flair to their look. Topping everything off with false lashes (per customer’s request) and boosting skin’s hydration with a special blend of setting sprays, your beautiful makeup should last 12-16+ hours dependent on which products we use! Yes, you will look amazing for last call – I promise!

Reserving Your Date and Appointment

My booking process involves a comprehensive client consultation, whether via phone or email, and then collecting information to write your unique client contract. When you should decide to book with me, each date is reserved on a first come – first serve basis, and your date will be secured once you have paid your non-refundable retainer of 20% and returned your signed contract within the 7 day window from securing your date. It is crucial to complete both portions of the booking process, otherwise your date will potentially go to the next client in line on the waitlist.

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Top-Notch Customer Service

Along with safety and sanitation, your satisfaction is at the very top of my priority list. I pride myself on almost 50 five-star reviews on my Facebook business, and countless private messages and emails from my clients thanking me for working with them. Making your appointment special is so very important to me, and I cannot stress enough that I will go above and beyond to make sure you feel great about your makeup look, but also your overall experience. I take special care to ensure I am responding to emails within the appropriate amount of time, and that I am available for any questions you may have. I also pride myself on open communication and welcome all feedback, good and bad. I often joke that my only rule is that you let me know if you don’t like something, that way I can fix it right away! While I can happily say that I have very seldom received negative feedback, I want my clients to always know that they can feel comfortable letting me know if they’ve been pushed too far out of their comfort zone with a makeup look or technique, your appointment is all about you and I want you to feel beautiful! Shadow too dark? Let me know and we can blend it out until you feel comfortable again. Art is subjective and what I think looks amazing may be too much for the occasion so take solstice in knowing that you can always voice your opinion.

Truly, I will stop at nothing to guarantee you have the best experience working with Makeup Artistry with Ashley Marie. I set out to build my company and my brand on the same standards that I expect to be greeted with when working with other vendors, customer service reps, and industry pros. Building a brand that you can trust entirely, and a company that you know you can count on are the reasons that I do what I do. I truly cannot thank you enough for your interest in working with me, and I cannot wait to be a part of your special day! Please feel free to fill out my contact information form (link here), or send me an email at I do service the greater part of Minnesota and North Dakota, but I will happily travel for your special event. I can’t wait to work with you!

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