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Vendor Spotlight: KNZ Photography -McKenzie Berquam-

This week I have the honor of introducing you to McKenzie Berquam of KNZ Photography and KNZ Bareluxe! I have been granted the pleasure of working with her for a boudoir ambassadors shoot for her brand, and I have to say it was a great experience! McKenzie’s attention to detail and caring for her clients shines through in both her personality, and in her work. If you are searching for a boudoir or wedding photographer, please consider working with her. You will not be sorry!

Below, you will find a brief Question and Answer session with McKenzie as she talks about her photography brand and her passion. After reading through everything, please feel free to follow her on social media and connect about your personal event!

Q: Which services does your company offer for wedding clients?
McKenzie: I currently offer photography and am working on growing a videography side to my business.

Q: Do you serve any other events outside of weddings?
McKenzie: I typically only offer photography for boudoir, couples, and weddings but extend sessions out to anyone else when I offer mini sessions!

Q: What are 3 questions that each and every potential bridal client should be asking when booking a professional in your area of expertise for their big day?
McKenzie: These can all be taken into much more detail, but in short: 
1. Are we a good fit?
2. Can you provide what I need?
3. How does this work? 

Q: If a potential client asked you the three questions above, how would you respond on behalf of your business?
1. I would recommend hopping on a call or video chat to be able to actually learn about each other and see if our vibes are aligned.
2. In the call or via email I ask what all they are wanting included in their wedding photography and then either send them the collections that match their needs, or create a personalized collection for them!
3. I have an entire client guide laying out who I am, what I do, how sessions work, how booking works, as well as frequently asked questions. Most couples don’t know half of the things photographers think are normal details, so I am happy to educate them and help them know exactly what is going on / what they are getting.

Q: How should a bride and groom be preparing for their first meeting with someone from your area of the industry?
McKenzie: They should come with any questions they have but this isn’t required. I try to answer unasked questions anyway and make myself available to answer anything along the way. The biggest question they should bring is: “What makes you different from all the other photographers?” 

Q: What advice do you offer each client as they are searching for a vendor in your area?
McKenzie: I would say it’s most important to book with someone you connect with because wedding photographers are with you pretty much your entire wedding day. Find someone who you get along great with and who shows a cohesive style of editing that you love.

Q: What trends are you most excited about for the 2020 wedding season?
McKenzie: Bold colors and throwing out all the traditional wedding day events.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your background and how you got into this industry? 
McKenzie: I bought a camera a few years ago when my niece was born because I wanted to take nice pictures of her. It kind of blossomed without me planning for it to and I started booking clients. Over time I found my groove for weddings and love where I am going with it now!

Q: What should every potential bridal client know about you and your business?
McKenzie: I am extremely passionate and vulnerable about what I do. I will do everything I can to make my couples happy and make sure they are able to enjoy their day and look back and remember the beauty of it! I also love to dance so a wild dance floor is my favorite place to be!

Mini Bio:
McKenzie: The thing that sets me apart from other wedding photographers is that I offer more than wedding photography. I will help during your wedding day with any and all details that need to be completed or figured out. I love becoming friends with parents or grandparents and pride myself in the responses I get from them in my email the following weeks after a wedding. I am so passionate about helping people and making people happy, so it applies to way more than just the photos. 

Q: Finally, are you on social media? Where can they find you to connect?
Twitter: N/A

Q: What is the best way for a potential client to get in contact?

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