Alright, so thankfully you have stayed tune so far about my skincare favorites so I’m excited to share with you the final steps to making my skin perfect – the proper moisturizers. If you’ve had access to my beauty prep guide, you know just how strongly I feel about daytime and night time moisturizers and why you need both. In addition to that, no skin care regimen is complete without an eye cream that fits your specific needs!

Below I will go over what moisturizers I am currently using, how and when I apply them, and why I love them! As usual, there will also be shop-able links below to take you directly to my skincare favorites. If you missed out on my first two posts about my favorite cleansers (link here) and skincare treatments (link here), please follow the links provided and give them a look as well!

Beautycounter – Adaptive Moisture Lotion (link here)

Oil free moisturizer. Learn about it, use it, love it. Seriously – everyone needs a high quality, safe, oil free moisturizer. I have grown to really enjoy the Adaptive Moisture Lotion from Beautycounter, and in addition to using it on myself, I also use it on almost all of my customers! First and foremost, I love this moisturizer because it truly adapts to what your skin needs and gives you the hydration that your skin thirsts for. It layers beautifully underneath primer and foundation, and never leaves me feeling greasy or muddy.

I prefer to use this moisturizer during the day, after my oils and serums to lock in all of the benefits of those products. I will take one and a half pumps of moisturizer and slowly work it into the skin. Again, similar to how I apply my oils and serums, I like to use small and gentle circles and then long sweeping motions upward to help combat the effects of gravity and aging.

Beautycounter – Recovery Sleeping Cream (link here)

Night time moisturizers are an amazing step to have in your skincare routine – and yes, yes you do need them. Most night time moisturizers take advantage of the skin’s natural sleep cycle to assist in repairing the skin. I like to use the Recovery Sleeping Cream from Beautycounter as a final step to lock in all of the hydration and nutrients from your skincare treatments and push the benefits beneath the skin’s surface for maximum results. I love the creamier texture of this moisturizer and the advanced hydration that it offers.

I use this moisturizer, exclusively in the evenings over all of my oils and serums, and I apply it everywhere except within the orbital bone. I will take one and a half pumps (from the airtight container) and gently massage the moisturizer into my skin. Same as with any of my facial skincare steps, I use small circular motions and then long upward strokes to massage the product thoroughly into your face’s skin.

Beautycounter – Eye Rescue Cream (link here)

Eye cream is so crucial to ensuring that your skin is at optimal health. The skin beneath your eyes is essentially only 40% as thick as the rest of your face – and this is why you should NEVER put anything formulated for your face within the area around your eye (inside of the orbital bone). I have been blessed with avoiding the advanced signs of aging so far, and because of this I like to focus on using a basic eye cream that hydrates extremely well but isn’t too heavy or greasy. For these reasons, I love the Eye Rescue Cream from Beautycounter!

I like to take one half to one full pump on the back of my left hand, and then dip into it gently with my right ring finger to load my finger with product. Next, I apply just about one half of the product from my hand to the area under neath my eye using a gentle tapping technique with my right ring finger. Always use your ring finger as it will apply the smallest amount of pressure, which ensures that you will not pull, tug, or amplify any aging. Repeat the steps under the other eye. Any excess product left on the back of my hand, I like to gently tap into my smile lines to hydrate and help plump them.

Once again, the recommendations above are products that work well for myself, and many of my clients. There is always potential that you may have a predisposition of allergies to a certain ingredient – so always screen your product’s ingredient list for any of your known allergies. I truly hope you have found these product suggestions helpful, and if you are like me – someone with sensitive and combination skin – I think that you could also benefit from these great products!

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