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Airbrush – Is it suitable for all skin types!?

Airbrush – the number one question I get asked by ALL potential clients is whether or not I offer airbrush. The answer is yes, one-hundred percent yes! It took me a while to jump on board with airbrush makeup, and I think a majority of that reasoning is attributed to me being a control freak – plain and simple. As an artist, I love creating a smooth and even base with foundation – careful to cancel out any discoloration and texture, and then going back in with my different brushes and painting dimension back onto the beautiful canvas that is my client’s face. You can understand my skepticism and confusion about the efficacy of airbrush as I am someone that hates change (LOL) – guys I carried a duct-taped cell phone for months because I didn’t want a bigger phone when I upgraded so I really struggle with change. But, like any small business owner, I took the necessary steps to invest in my craft and my business and I made the leap to buy an airbrush system, practiced for countless hours on many ages and complexions, and I now have mastered the art of bridal beauty with airbrush! And boy am I glad that I did!

All jokes about my stubbornness aside, you probably have guessed that we are going to chat about WHO and WHEN airbrush is most suitable for my clients. After getting over my initial skepticism – I have to say that I love using my Temptu Airbrush System for all special occasions and on just about any client! I love how light and weightless the products feel on your skin, and I am in disbelief and shock about how incredibly well the products wear. Again, don’t get me wrong – my traditional products wear super well and offer hours of budge-proof beauty. BUT the airbrush products that I use boasts a claim of 16+ hour wear, and they are not kidding!

Many of my bridal parties or other clients get ready for their special events rather early in the morning, sometimes starting at 7am. I have not had a single client dispute the long-wear claim! On wedding day, or maybe for a big performance, the last thing you want to worry about is lugging around a touchup kit the size of Mary Poppin’s bag, and with airbrush you really shouldn’t have to! The high level of pigment and liquid consistency offer customizable coverage that can camouflage years of sun damage and discoloration or showcase the beautiful angel kisses that make you, you! Truly, I cannot say enough good things about the airbrush products that I use! I love that they are even gluten-free as many people overlook the potential for a reaction caused by a dietary allergy simply from something in your makeup.

Now who should be using airbrush? Many clients have told me that they’ve been instructed not to use airbrush products if they have “more mature” skin. While I can see potential concerns with this, I personally have not ran into any issues so far. I actually love how airbrush looks on both, youthful and more mature skin. The application method is smooth, continuous, and almost untraceable and it truly just glides onto the skin from the airbrush gun. If someone is rather inexperienced, I could see issues where the airbrush finish may be uneven or patchy – but that is an issue of the artist’s style and lack of the appropriate primer – not the product itself. Now again, I am only able to chat about my experience with Temptu products, and there is certainly potential that other airbrush formulations may not work for everyone – please keep this in mind.

I also love to use airbrush on my brides, or even clients getting senior photos taken! The airbrush products create a flawless finish to the skin, and the dry down on the formulation that I use mimics a skin and lifelike finish which assists in ensuring you feel your best. Because of this, and the way that I apply the products, the makeup always looks age appropriate and natural – which is a huge goal of mine – never altering what the client actually looks like!

Now, while airbrush works like magic on most of my clients – let’s not negate the importance of appropriate and effective skin care! I have seen issues arise with clients who do not properly exfoliate and moisturize their skin. When applying airbrush products, and any other cosmetics to skin that is not cared for properly can/will result in the product clinging and collecting on the face which creates an undesirable effect in photos and real life. So with that being said, this group of potential clients may struggle with airbrush or traditional products alike, and for that reason, I have made it my mission to educate all of my customers on skincare.

So the moral of the story? When applied appropriately, airbrush is perfect for just about all of my clients and I recommend it to absolutely everyone! Regardless of age, race, etc. airbrush is by far the most versatile product I have in my kit and you DO want to use it for your wedding or other special event!

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