The basic steps of a great skincare regimen are cleanse, treat, moisturize, and repeat. In my first post (linked here) I briefly touch on my top three cleansers that I am currently using and how I like to use each one. If you haven’t perused that blog, please head over and read it now because your treatment steps will not work to the best of their capabilities if you have not properly cleansed your skin of any impurities or debris.

Today, we jump into the second set of skincare steps – the treatments. Again, by cleansing our face thoroughly and safely, we will be able to reap better benefits from our treatment options, and then lock in those benefits with some high quality moisturizer (my favorites will be listed in a following post).

CLNandDRTY – The Rose Toner (link here)

For years and years, I have been a faithful user of the Clinique Clarifying Lotion as my toning step to remove additional debris that cleanser might’ve missed and I have happily out up with the strange and dry tingle, being instructed as a Clinique consultant that this “tight” and “dry” feeling is normal – and that this is how a toner should always feel. Yet, over the years – as I age (I’m 27 now) – my skin continues to get even more dry and uncomfortable. And I’m increasingly baffled why a product that is supposed to be nourishing and caring leaves me feeling even more dry before I moisturize. So when Paula (of CLNandDRTY) sent me this Rose Toner to try, I was a skeptic. Conditioned to believe that all toners MUST feel like an astringent. The Rose Toner has changed my beauty routine. Seriously.

While applying just a few drops to a cotton round and sweeping over the skin still give me that clean feeling that I love in a toner, no longer do I feel like like my skin is a cracked desert or as though I have pushed myself even further into dehydration. Truly, the Rose Toner preps my skin for the following treatments and moisturizing products, but it also just returns my skin back to its natural base line after removing any extra debris without any of the irritation I’ve grown used to. I use this toner morning and night, after my Exfoliating Cleansing Stick and before I add my oils and serums. A tiny bit goes a long way!

Again, don’t forget to use my discount code (not a commission code) when shopping with CLNandDRTY, by using code “ASHLEY20” at checkout you will receive 20% off all full-priced goodies!

Beautycounter – Overnight Resurfacing Peel (link here)

I am a traditional physical exfoliant gal – and the peel has changed my view point on things. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Exfoliating Cleanser that I mentioned in my previous post and it has leveled up my skincare! However, I love the Overnight Resurfacing Peel so much, I can tell when I’ve been lazy with skincare and skipped this step because it lacks the luminosity and smoothness that I crave.

After sweeping the Rose Toner over my skin, I will apply one and a half pumps of the peel to my face. Always careful to avoid any area located within the orbital bones, I gently massage a smooth and even layer over the full face. Next, I let it sit for 2-4 minutes. Generally I will floss and brush my teeth during this period of time, because you want the product to soak into the skin and dissipate before you apply any serums or oils for maximum results. I only use this step at night, and the recommended use is every other night… but I cheat and use it nightly and love the effect. DO NOT FOLLOW MY LEAD ON NIGHTLY if you have never used this product before! Follow the directions completely.

CLNandDRTY – Luxury Anti-Aging Oil for Combination Skin (link here)

Until the past year, oils in skincare have frightened me because again, I’m a creature of habit. Using the Plumping (link here) and Brightening (link here) oils by Beautycounter have opened me up to a world of benefits and possibilities! When Paula (again, the awesome owner of CLNandDRTY) sent me their luxury anti-aging face oil to try I was super intrigued! And let me tell you, it works just as well as my oils from Beautycounter – plus there’s the added benefit of supporting an awesome indie company – so I’ll be implementing this in my regimen for the long haul!

What I like to do is use the luxury anti-aging oil after the toner in the morning, or after the peel in the evenings! I’ll take 3-4 baby drops in the palm of my hand and smooth it over my skin (again, avoiding the area within the orbital bone). I like to give myself just a minute or two to allow the oils to absorb, and then dependent on the time of day (and dryness level of my skin) I follow It up with the appropriate serum or moisturizer.

Once more, don’t forget to use my discount code (this is not a commission code) when shopping with CLNandDRTY, if you use code “ASHLEY20” at checkout you will receive 20% off all full-priced goodies!

Beautycounter – Intense Moisture Serum (link here)

Generally, the oil and moisturizer offer enough hydration for me on a daily basis BUT there are times when it is excessively cold and dry out that my skin still seeks extra moisture – for those days I like to layer the Intense Moisture Serum as well. This light and milky textured serum offers a kiss of hydration for your skin beyond the basics. I use less than half of a dime-sized droplet to cover my skin in an even and smooth layer. I will gently work the serum onto the skin in small circular motions and long (upward) sweeping motions to help defy gravity. I use this morning and/or night – whenever I feel extra dehydrated, but I find that I like to use it more in the evenings, just out of personal preference.

Again, the treatments above are items I use on a daily basis – and I have noticed my skin looking more supple, radiant, bright, and far more smooth. If you are looking to restore that natural and youthful glow into your skin, I really recommend implementing these goodies into your current skin care routine. As stated in my cleanser post, these products are safe, effective, and healthy for you to use but there is a chance you may react to a specific ingredient if you have predisposed allergy to it, always review the ingredients list thoroughly if you know of a specific allergy.

Now that you’ve effectively cleansed, and you have treated the skin to ensure optimal results – head over to my blog post about moisturizer (link here) to find out about my favorite day and night moisturizers, and what eye cream I currently cannot live without!

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