One of my most Frequently Asked Questions is “Should I use traditional, or airbrush makeup for my wedding?” This can be a big question or concern for anyone that has not used airbrush previously, or if they have received a negative experience with using airbrush in the past.

I tell each and everyone of my clients that I LOVE using my Temptu Professional Airbrush Products on all of my clients. The airbrush products are phenomenal because they last around 16 hours, are weightless on the skin, and they are virtually water proof/budge proof the whole day.

Weightless: Do you love the full glam look, but hate the texture of layers of product on top of your skin? Same. I NEED to let my skin breathe, especially being a “no makeup – makeup” girl myself, trapping my pores in layers of heavy makeup can leave me feeling constricted. The airbrush products feel light as a feather, and are completely customizable to the coverage that you are seeking. From soft glam, where we showcase your freckles, to full glam with extreme coverage, the capability to build the products is amazing while never feeling heavy on the face.

Longevity: While I do love the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation that I keep in my kit for all of my clients, I love how long lasting airbrush products are! Used correctly, airbrush can offer up to 16 hours of wear. With wedding prep often starting at 7am, the last thing you want to worry about is the potential for your products to disappear or move. With airbrush and proper skin prep, your makeup will last well past “Last Call.” And trust me, your makeup will not leave you feeling like a pumpkin after the clock strikes midnight.

Customizable: Both of my complexion kits, traditional and airbrush, offer a range of foundation shades to match just about any client needs. In my airbrush kit, I carry the entire range of Temptu SB Foundation to ensure that I can custom blend any color or shade you may need. A few drops of highly pigmented airbrush foundation are all that you need to counteract just about any breakouts or discoloration.

Which should you choose? Honestly, you would be safe with traditional or airbrush. I would never carry a product in my kit if I didn’t feel it would perform to my – extensively high – standards. However, I always suggest opting for the airbrush because this is a special day. Your best friend, sister, little girl… This is her big day. You want to look and feel your best the whole day through, and you want to celebrate the special moment, so go for the luxury option! Add on the airbrush, and opt for the faux lashes! You will not be sorry, especially when you look back at photos and see how naturally beautiful you look!

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