Can you imagine being 39 years old, and looking this amazing!? Healthy diet, working out, and an amazing skincare regimen are the building blocks of making sure your skin looks fantastic with, and without, your favorite makeup products! Failure to use skincare that is custom tailored to you could result in makeup breakdown throughout the day, clinging of foundation to dry spots and added flakiness, and even a lack of the makeup adhering to the skin in a manner that looks seamless.

When should you begin your skincare journey? Honestly, it is never too early to start. I encourage my youngest clients to begin with a simple cleanse, treat, and hydrate system because in addition to finding the best products for them, another key component is ensuring that they get into good habits and use the systems morning and night. Skincare always works best as a system, and when used properly.

The components of a great skincare regimen include a cleanser, toner, exfoliator (physical or chemical), treatment options such as serums to target specific concerns, a great moisturizer, and an eye cream specific to your needs.

During my consultations with clients, whether a mini session with a bridesmaid – just moments before their makeup application – or during a private session, such as a bridal trial, makeup lesson, or other beauty session, I always go into depth describing the importance of finding a skincare regimen and we discuss the client’s main concerns. I also always tell my clients that “If your skincare is a two, your makeup will never be a ten.” This is so important, and incredibly true.

Before your special event, please do not start a new skincare routine if you have less than 6 weeks between the start of the regimen, and your special event. As a general rule, it takes 18-21 days (on average) for your skin to grow accustomed to a new routine and so you do not want to run to your local beauty retailer days before your wedding and start the newest beauty craze. It can take a few weeks for your skin to recover from a reaction.

Another piece of advice that I suggest is to always purchase your beauty products from a trusted retailer. Buying skincare or cosmetics online from places like eBay, Amazon, and the Facebook Marketplace could result in unknowingly using a product that is not in its purest form. Unsafe fillers, additives, and chemicals are commonly used in brands that are sold on the secondhand market, so always shop somewhere you know and trust.

My personal recommendation is to begin implementing a beauty routine from Beautycounter (feel free to use this link to shop with me directly). I have always been a firm believer in the safety and efficacy of products from Clinique, however in the past year I have changed my personal routine, and the products I use for client skin prep) exclusively to Beautycounter and my skin has been transformed!

In closing, whatever skincare you implement, do your homework to ensure it is right for you. Never use anything with added fragrance. Shop from a respected beauty retailer. And use your regimen regularly. Please feel free to reach out if you need assistance finding the beauty routine that works best for you!

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